Our goal is to aggregate ESG-conscious users through a series of connected offerings that serve as entry points to a system that allows them to buy, sell and invest within the same platform.

STEER Subscription-Based Offerings

STEER's Subscription-Based Services are led by our flagship business unit, STEER EV. It allows consumers to choose from a diverse fleet of automobiles that includes premium, comfort and entry-level EVs – without the hassles that come with long-term ownership or daily rental.

On-Demand Services

On-Demand Services include STEER's marketplace and delivery offerings catering to both businesses and consumers. They include STEER's food delivery service, delivery-as-a-service (last mile delivery) business, mobility (rideshare and microtransit) platform and a fast-growing business-to-business marketplace offering. B2B Marketplace offers environmentally-conscious just-in-time supplies to restaurants to help them reduce inventory and storage costs and focus on what they do best - prepare delicious food. As of today, we estimate that approximately 1 in 5 independent restaurants in Ontario are on our Foods and B2B Marketplace platform. We feel that a 20% market share provides sound footing for STEER's future growth and expansion.

ESG and Data-Driven Intelligence
- Powered by EcoCRED

EcoCRED, STEER's ESG big-data analytics machine was designed to take on a pivotal role in analyzing datasets collected through our operations in multiple segments. These datasets are mainly related to customer behaviors, consumption patterns, carbon impacts and offsets. Our goal is to ultimately power all of our services through EcoCRED to automatically capture carbon reductions and offsets created in real-time, particularly by our EV subscription service and B2B Marketplace.

We are working closely with industry-leading consultants to better understand this process within the context of global industry standards. We intend to not only further integrate key sustainability metrics and statistics into our platform's user interface (as is currently the case for consumers on our mobile app), but also into the broader market.